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Dependant on Microsoft Word and Excel to run multiple documents Jian’s BizPlan Builder uses MIDAS - Multi-user Interactive Document Assemble System to put it all together into a useable plan. What this means is that BizPlan Builder is a program that displays and works together with (highly) programmed and preformatted spreadsheets and documents. The system works pretty effortlessly to open and close different sections of the plan and financial projection templates. There are some compromises however…we experienced problems with our version of MS Office and required significant updates before the files would open properly…so to some extent the program is only as reliable as Microsoft Office. Finally, the window that the documents and spreadsheets open in at times is not large enough for the content making it difficult to see what is coming up down or across the page.
The program has some really cool features including shared files allowing you to load the program on multiple computers and open the same files every time. You can even assign varying levels of access to different account users by username and password. Another cool feature is the multiple variations of business plan templates available by selecting your business type (retail, service, etc) and/or who the plan is written for (bank, investor, strategic plan). A nice touch is that each section of the plan includes text that is customized with your company information and owners name giving “boiler plate” text that is then customized giving suggestions to the user. The plan outline can be as short as a few pages although the template we chose was 87 pages and that was only the standard text. While this means the outlines are comprehensive they also can be a little daunting for a first time plan writer.
The financial projections have three options, two of which we tested. The Basic Projections amount to several independent spreadsheets similar to templates you fill in if you have the information. The second one we tested is the intermediate program. Important Note: The projections in this program are for excel wizards only! We found a couple of minor errors in the spreadsheets coding but they still took us some time to find and correct. If you understand excel functions like “IF” statements, cell protection, and have some accounting background the program can be
rewarding…if not look to a different program.
Highs: Pre-filled Customized Text, Auto File Sharing
Lows: A little cumbersome, lengthy instructions for projections and excel know-how requirement
Bottom Line: High on content, highly advanced/customizable projections but definitely not for everyone.

BizPlan Builder
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Revised business plan software helps you write a business plan or start a business or raise capital. Presenting to banks, sba, angel and venture capital investors. SBA, SBDCs and SBICs recommended. A plan de negocios good in Mexico and south america. Better than business plan pro. Includes a marketing plan.        BizPlanBuilder® v11 2009  - $129.95!

Biz Plan Builder® - Business Plan Software version 11 updated for 2009
BizPlanBuilder is the business plan software recommended by thousands of angel investors, business bankers, business planning consultants, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists for organizing and financing your business.

Everything you need to quickly create a winning business plan:

  • Easily edit your business plan in MS Word®
  • Quickly modify the financial models in MS Excel®
  • Collaborate with partners and consultants (over a network or the internet)
  • Get Fast financial projections so you can work "what if scenarios"
  • Perfect your presentation -- with our proven PowerPoint®investor pitch template
  • Build your business with 60+ business planning documents & worksheets
  • Get help as you go with our included expert advice

All orders include immediate download after purchase.
Looking for the Macintosh version? Biz Plan Builder for Mac

Single User: $149.95 Sale! $129.95


Why Choose JIAN's Strategic Business Plan Software?

small business plan templateWe wrote the first business plan software 20 years ago and have been refining and perfecting it ever since. Many things have changed and Biz Plan Builder - business plan software has too. It provides entrepreneurs and business owners with the most sophisticated business plan software available to organize their ideas, calculate their projections, and express their vision with clarity. It's the fastest and easiest way of turning your ideas into a winning business plan and a successful business. That's why Biz Plan Builder - Business plan software is so widely accepted (and often referred) as the best business plan software by so many people who really understand business planning and business plans today.

Business Plan Software that is Very easy to learn and use...
I've seen no other business plan package that comes close to what this one can do.
Overall Rating: A+

~ Joe Miller, Editor's Choice Magazine
With BizPlanBuilder® business plan software, you’ll be able to express your business ideas in terms that both bankers and investors expect. Best of all, with expert business advice at every step of the process, the hardest part of writing your plan is behind you. By editing a series of sample business plan templates, you’ll see what's needed and be able to express your ideas cohesively and concisely — with no writer’s block. (Some say the typing alone is worth $1,000!)


Unlike other business plan products you never need to export your plan to Word or Excel in order to edit or customize because Biz Plan Builder uses MS Office from start to finish to guarantee professional results. Conclusion: You’ll complete your business plan quickly and easily!

The best of hundreds of sample business plans included!

The best of hundreds of sample business plansWe've taken the best of hundreds of sample business plans, expert business advice, and our own personal business planning experience and refined them into a single business plan solution upon which you can easily build. You'll find that starting with our proven expert business advise and professionally written business plan template is far more robust than deconstructing and rebuilding a so-called industry-specific sample business plan template.

With Biz Plan Builder business plan software, most of the work is done for you, plus we have been working with business builders and investors for 20 years in order to get the inside story as to what’s working and what’s not and have incorporated all of it into Biz Plan Builder business plan software.


Multi-user business planning system enables remote access & team collaboration

With BizPlanBuilder business plan software, you can easily collaborate on your business plan over a network, server or the Internet to get it done. (Emailing, cutting and pasting files is no longer necessary!) For yourself, you can work on your business plan from your office, home, and laptop. It's easier then ever to create a winning business plan. Then, once you’re done customizing your business plan, you can easily print, email or save your business plan to PDF for easy sharing — all from within Biz Plan Builder.

Expert comments throughout explain everything as you write your business plan

expert business planning The next best thing to having us write your business plan for you is to have our collection of expert business planning advice, comments and business plan suggestions woven throughout every section explaining what to do and why.

The JIAN Handbook of Business Planning is included with Biz Plan Builder business plan software and provides a wealth of business planning experience, ideas and information, plus a variety of additional planning tools to help you write your plan, build and manage your business more effectively.



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    BizPlanBuilder® v11 2009 (Immediate Download- $129.95! 


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